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CHI&Partners: Argos ‘Ready For Take-Off’

Agency: CHI&Partners
Client: Argos
Date: November 2017
Argos has launched its 2017 Christmas advertising campaign, transporting millions of viewers to a magical Argos distribution centre where a troupe of Argos elves are helping Santa to deliver hundreds of thousands of gifts across the country at record speed on bright red super-sleighs.
The advert, created by CHI&Partners and directed by Gary Freedman, features a futuristic rocket-powered super-sleigh ready to take off on its mission across the country. The action shifts gear as one child’s long-awaited Christmas present, a Teksta voice-recognition robotic puppy, is found wandering the aisles by an elf. The quick-thinking elf scans it in at the elf station to reveal its intended recipient on-screen, Tom, aged nine, whose family’s gifts are departing from gate nine.
This leads to a blockbuster-style chase across the distribution centre in which the elf pulls out all the stops to ensure the robotic puppy makes it to Tom in time for Christmas.
The advert celebrates Argos’s commitment to super speedy delivery.

Marketing Director: Gary Kibble
Brand, Strategy & Marketing Director: Dan Elton
Advertising Controller: Nicki Brown
Advertising Marketing Manager: Becky Desert
Agency: CHI&Partners
CEO: Sarah Golding
ECDs: Yan Elliott & Micky Tudor
CD: Laura Rogers
Creatives: Hayley Hammond, Dan Dehlavi
Planner: Rebecca Munds
Business Director: Gary Simmons
Account Director: Stephanie Leonard
Account Manager: Catherine Lynch
Digital agency: AllTogetherNow
MD: Steve Parker
Associate Director: Jason Andrews
Account Director: Jessica Bailey
Account Manager: Elise Bola
Planner: Flora Proudlock
CD: Sam Willard
Creatives: Helen Rogerson, Becci Salmon
Producer: Charles Crisp
Assistant Producer: Alfie Glover-Short
Production Company: Independent
Director: Gary Freedman
Executive Producer: Jani Guest
Producer: Chris McBride
DP: David Ungaro
Production Designer: Vladimir ‘Vova’ Radlinskiy
Costume Designer: Hannah Edwards
Editor: Adam Spivey @ The Play Room
Post Production: MPC
VFX supervisor: Kamen Markov
CG supervisor: Mike Little
Colourist: Jean-Clement Soret
Producer: Phil Whalley
Music Supervision: Wake The Town
Sound Design: Jim Griffin @ Jungle
Tags: UK
Video of Argos Christmas Advert #ReadyForTakeOff
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Ogilvy & Mather London: Vodafone ‘A Christmas Love Story’

Agency: Ogilvy & Mather London
Client: Vodafone
Date: November 2017
Martin Freeman has found himself embarrassed at a wedding and in a criminal mix-up in a car park in his tenure for Vodafone’s ads so far. Now the actor finds himself as the lead role in an epic love story for the telecom brand’s Christmas campaign, which has been built on subtle, self-deprecating humour to win favour with a UK audience.
A Christmas Love Story was created by WPP’s Team Red, creatively led by Ogilvy & Mather London. The saga is told across six pieces of content – two for TV and four for social – and begins with the hapless Freeman bonding with his love interest, Claire, over a love of It’s A Wonderful Life on a train station platform.
The ads were filmed on location in Scotland and were directed by Biscuit’s Jeff Lowe. As well as educating consumers on the benefits of Vodafone’s services, they also aim to highlight two new launches: new pay as you go product PayG 1 and Vodafone Passes, which gives pay monthly customers the chance to use their favourite video, social or chat apps without using up their data.
A Christmas Love Story features Vodafone’s new brand identity, which was unveiled globally last month. The spot launches tomorrow (1 November) and will be supported by above the line, social and digital executions.
Tags: UK
Video of Vodafone Christmas Love Story. Part 1: Love on the Platform
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VCCP: Canon ‘Next Year is Coming. Be Ready’

Agency: VCCP
Client: Canon
Date: November 2017
As a brand, Canon wants to go behind the picture to find the stories that really resonate with its customers. It launched ‘Live for the Story’ in summer this year and the winter campaign is a continuation on this theme, creating emotional connections with its audience.
VCCP has launched the new campaign ‘Next Year is Coming, Be Ready’ The series of films and photographs showcase the moments just before something happens. Each story, shot in slow motion at 100 frames per second on a Canon C700 camera, builds up the sense of anticipation – from a driveway basketball about to land in the hoop, or a snowball in motion to a baby tasting lemon for the first time.
The print campaign, shot by photographer David Harriman, captures the instant just before the action happens, inspiring viewers to create their own moments. The filmed stories, directed by Jack Whiteley and produced by Rattling Stick, close the loop on the narrative by showing what happens next.
This is a fully integrated campaign across print, online content, digital, social, PR, CRM and in-store/retail. The creative will run across EMEA until mid-January and is pitched as a winter campaign. The stylistically minimal imagery is a contrast to the Christmas noise, encouraging consumers to look beyond the holidays and at what might happen in 2018.

Managing director: Andrew Peake, VCCP
Executive creative director: Darren Bailes, VCCP
Creative director: Andy Booth, VCCP
Copywriter: Matthew Holmes, VCCP
Art director: Abigail Williams, VCCP
Film producer: Ed Mueller, VCCP
Stills producer: Michelle Lemon, VCCP
Senior account director: Emma Whitmarsh, VCCP
Senior account manager: Alex Craiescu, VCCP
Account executive: Issi Lloyd-Waite, VCCP
Project director: Simon Keyworth, VCCP
Planning director: Jörn Ballentin, VCCP
Senior marketing director: Lee Bonniface, Canon
Senior marketing manager: Steve Marsh, Canon
Campaign lead: Reshma Chauhan, Canon
Photographer: David Harriman
Photographer’s assistant: James Bettney
Director: Jack Whiteley
Producer: Matt Posner
Production company: Rattling Stick
Director of photography: Magni Augustsson
Edit: Sam Jones @ cut & Run
Post: The Mill
Service company: Digital Spirit
Service company producer: Ovi Morariu
Tags: UK, Canon, advertising, digital, photography, film
Video of Canon – Winter
Next Year is Coming. Be Ready
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Proximity London: Guide Dogs ‘Boxing Day’

Agency: Proximity London
Client: Guide Dogs
Date: October 2017
Proximity has created two new TV ads for Guide Dogs’ iconic Sponsor A Puppy brand: a Christmas ad, and an ad that will run throughout the rest of the year.
The two 60-second spots build on the success of last year’s ‘Who knew’ ad and were directed by Morgan Hutchins and produced by Arthur & Martha.
Both ads feature Inspirational Guide Dog Owner of the Year, Louise Jenkins from Wales, who went blind in her 40s following a spinal infection.
‘Boxing Day’ highlights a festive plunge that has become an annual ritual for Louise and her dog, Trinity, whereas ‘Twins’ directly contrasts Louise’s life with someone else who has suffered sudden catastrophic sight loss yet hasn’t got a guide dog.

Director: Morgan Hutchins
Production company: Arthur & Martha
Sound design: Mcasso
Media: MC&C
Executive creative director: John Treacy
Associate creative directors: Tris Sellen, Fran Perillo
Planning: Jodie Armstrong-Downes
Art director: Tris Sellen
Writer: Fran Perillo
Senior creative producer: Kathy Howes
Account management: Emma Crean, Colleen Rea, Julie Dutton
Tags: UK, Charity Fundraising, dogs, Christmas
Video of Sponsor a Guide Dog puppy – Boxing Day – TV advert | Accessible Version
Boxing Day
Video of Sponsor a Guide Dog puppy – Twins – TV advert | Accessible Version
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krow communications: DFS ‘Joy of Home’

Agency: krow communications
Client: DFS
Date: November 2017
Krow has created a new Christmas campaign for sofa retailer DFS. Using the iconic, hand-crafted Aardman characters that first broke with DFS’s Christmas delivery ad last November, this year’s ad focuses on the fact that Autumn and Winter Collection sofas are currently up to half price, with many guaranteed to arrive before Christmas.
The campaign runs across TV, press and digital, including online video and social, with the 30-second spot running for five weeks across all major TV channels.
The film, entitled ‘Joy of Home’, follows real DFS employees Dom and Will as they deliver sofas and joy to customers’ homes.
Having diligently handed a variety of new sofas to a selection of delighted customers, all preparing to celebrate Christmas, Dom looks longingly out of his van’s window. His family are overjoyed to see him, having been waiting on the sofa for him to return, when he finally lets himself into his own home. There is an emphasis on the idea of being at home for Christmas and the film ends as Dom, his wife, Stephanie, and son Noah all enjoy a happy moment on their own DFS sofa.
The campaign is the seventh for DFS featuring Aardman designed characters, which are based on real employees of the sofa company.
Media planning and buying was handled by Mediacom.

Executive Creative Director: Nick Hastings
Creative Directors: Darryl George and Jon Mitchell
Planning Director: Aileen Ross
Business Director: Blake Armstrong
Account Director: Felicity Pelly
Account Manager: Camilla Renny-Smith and Jo McClatchey
Agency Producer: Emma Rookledge and Romilly Endacott
Film Production: Aardman Animations
Director: Steve Harding-Hill
Producer: Nick Miller
Cinematography: Jeremy Hogg
Art department: Matt Sanders
Prod Co-Ordinator: Hannah Campbell
Editor: Benjamin William Butt and Dan Pask
Post Production: Aardman Animations and The Mill
Post Producer: Tom Manton
Storyboard Artist: Rumpus Animation
Telecine colourist: Jon Biggins
Character Design: Kyrstina Litten
Sound Design: Evolutions and Jungle
Tags: UK

CHI & Partners: Lexus Europe ‘The Art of Standing Out’

Agency: CHI & Partners
Client: Lexus Europe
Date: October 2017
Lexus Europe has released ‘The Art of Standing Out’, a campaign that brings to life both modern and classic works in juxtaposing – and clever – everyday scenarios.
The flagship spot by The&Partnership’s CHI&Partners follows a Lexus NX driving through a cityscape. From the perspective of the passenger, the viewer sees Vermeer’s ‘Girl with a Pearl Earring’ hand her luggage to a bellboy outside a hotel before an inflatable shaped like Jeff Koon’s ‘Balloon Dog’ escapes the clutches of a young boy.
Elsewhere the car drives past a façade painted with Mondrian’s ‘Composition A’, as well as a shoe store decorated with a real-life vase filled with Vincent Van Gogh’s ‘Sunflowers’.
After passing Georges Seurat’s ‘Bathers at Asnieres’, the drive ends at a 1940s diner: a full scale recreation of Edward Hopper’s ‘Nighthawks’.

ECD: Micky Tudor, Yan Elliott
CD: Monty Verdi
Creatives: James Crosby
Planner: Paulina Goodwin, Matt Bamford-Bowes
Executive Producer: Charles Crisp
Producer: Andy Roberts
Business Director: Tom McCoy
Account Director: Anastasia Terzeon
Account Manager: Oliver May
Project Director: Ant Borkett
Production Company: Stink
Director: Ne-O
Producer: Juliet Naylor
Production Manager: Zoe Acourt
Executive Producer: Jon Chads
Director of Photography: Stuart Graham
Set Designer: James Hatt
Service company: Papaya
Post-Production & Visual FX: The Mill
Executive Producer: Ian Berry
Producer: Tom Manton, Simon Bath.
Lead Flame artist: Gareth Brannan
Colourist: Seamus O’Kane
Lead CG: Philip Maddock
2D Artists: Sole Martin, David Wishart
Matte Painting: German Casado, Cameron Johnson
Editors: The Quarry
Editor: Jonny Scarlett
Editor Assistant: Patrick Walsh
Producer: Charlie Morris
Recording Studio: Clearcut Sound Studios
Sound Engineer: Chris Wigglesworth
Music Company: Dave Goulding @ Wake the Town
Tags: Europe, Ad of the Day
Video of Lexus NX The Art Of Standing Out
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Otherway London: 45 Jermyn St. ‘Dandyism’

Agency: Otherway London
Client: 45 Jermyn St.
Date: October 2017
As 45 Jermyn St. turns two, it worked with design agency Otherway to mark the occasion with a series of playful new illustrations on its menus.
Wanting a bold, bright and extraordinary update, Otherway worked with Dutch artist and illustrator Zeloot to capture a modern interpretation of the Jermyn St. icon, Beau Brummell. 45 Jermyn St is a restaurant where a sense of theatre, fun and glamour mingle, and the illustrations by Zeloot capture that spirit, combining real joie de vivre colour and creativity, while remaining beautifully crafted and elegant.
The illustrations bring different stories to life of a contemporary Beau Brummell. Today’s flamboyant Beau can be seen ‘smoking’ bubbles, catching the beauty of butterflies, proudly donning a peacock feathered suit and the ice-cream inspired ‘sundae’ best. The 45 logo, a unique brand ambigram marque inspired by the archive craftmanship marques found on Jermyn Street, is presented in each piece.
Tags: UK, design, Branding, illustration

Don’t Panic: Oxfam ‘ The heist no one is talking about’

Agency: Don’t Panic
Client: Oxfam
Date: October 2017
Companies dodge approximately £78bn in tax in poor countries annually. To raise awareness of this issue, Oxfam created ‘The heist no one is talking about’, a hard-hitting film illustrating the human cost of tax avoidance on the world’s poorest.
The film was created by Don’t Panic and produced by Stink Films, MPC and Whitehouse.

Emma Greaves – Oxfam – head of film & photography
Allys Thomas – Oxfam – brand manager
Christopher Ross Kellam – Don’t Panic – creative lead
Alistair Griggs – Don’t Panic  – senior creative
Joe Wade – Don’t Panic – managing director
Nisha Mullea – Don’t Panic – agency producer
Thyme Mor – Don’t Panic – agency project manager
Ellie Moore – Don’t Panic – engagement strategist
Tom Green – Stink Films – director
James Forbes-Robertson – Whitehouse – editor
Blake Powell – Stink Films – executive producer
Andrew Levene – Stink Films – head of production
Lucy Banks – Stink Films – producer
Benoit Soler – Stink Films – director of photography
Colourist: George K – MPC – colourist
Mark Stannard – MPC – VFX supervisor
Annabel Bennett – MPC – VFX producer
Dan Martio – MPC – mask design
Walter Mair – MPC – music composer
Sean Craigie-Atherton / Sian Rogers – MPC – music producer
Music Publisher: Siren Publishing Ltd
Neil Johnson – Factory – audio post-production
Lou Allen – Factory – audio producer
Tags: UK, film, video, digital
The heist no one is talking about

AMV BBDO: Camelot ‘Scratch and See’

Agency: AMV BBDO
Client: Camelot
Date: October 2017
Camelot, the operator of the National Lottery, has unveiled a new ad campaign which sees various people, including a woman on five different blind dates, use scratch-off panels to reveal everyday realities or surreal scenes that plays to the mystery of its scratch cards.
The campaign, ‘Scratch and See’, features five national TV ads, out-of-home (OOH) and digital, as well as an exclusive media partnership with Bauer Media which kicks off today (29 October). The first 30-second spot aired during The X Factor.
The campaign uses scratch-off panels, like those used on National Lottery Scratchcards, across the creatives in order to construct a sense of mystery as to what’s underneath.

The TV ads were created for Camelot by AMV BBDO, with media planning and buying done by Vizeum. All OOH executions were created by Camelot’s in-house creative services team and digital content was created by Iris.
Tags: UK
Video of Camelot's 'Scratch and See' TV ad – magic


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